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Lt Governor Dan Forest:

Lt Governor said what made last night’s speech so great for President Donald Trump was he was able to talk to the American People for the first “unfiltered.”

The majority of Americans last night were happy with President Donald Trump’s speech.  Most democrat pundits and politicians were kind of perplexed by this.  While they do admit his tone changed, his message was the same.  Why would the American people be happy with hearing the same thing they’ve been hearing for 2 years?  Lt Governor Dan Forest has a theory, they haven’t been hearing this for 2 years.  They’ve been hearing something else…

He’s been saying the exact same thing he’s been saying on the campaign, but this time he’s saying it unfiltered to the American people.  So now he’s got live television.  That can’t be edited.  It can’t be broken down into soundbites.  It can’t be taken and twisted by the media.  So everyone is praising him for the things he says now.  Well, it’s the same stuff he’s been saying.  Said in a better way, in a better light, with a better demeanor.  But, it’s still the same message

Lt. Governor also commented on recent accusations against Attorney General Josh Stein.  AG Stein was accused by the General Assembly of ethical misconduct in the current Voter ID lawsuit in front of the Supreme Court.  The GA argues that Stein was both a fact witness and the attorney of record, which is illegal.  Lt Governor Forest believes this will be settled by the courts in the coming weeks but the bigger issue is how they tried to dismiss the case, “…what they actually dismissed was the lawyers that the legislature hired to defend that case.  So this was the legislature’s lawyers.”  Forest believes that is gonna be the bigger challenge.

Lt Governor Dan Forest also chimed in on the brewery distributor fight that has created very interesting bedfellows.  Anytime conservatives and the Charlotte Observer Editorial Board are on the same side, you know something is up.  You can listen to the whole interview below.



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