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Liberal Group TRIES to Trash GOP Recovery

Another work week, another liberal attempt to smear the Carolina Comeback that the GOP has been leading since 2011.  Enter the  NC Budget & Tax Center:

North Carolina’s economy is not creating the jobs needed to keep up with the demands of the working-age population in the state. The state unemployment rate dropped in February 2017 to 5.1 percent but remains above the national rate of 4.7

North Carolina’s employment levels remain below pre-recession levels” said Alexandra Sirota, Director of the Budget & Tax Center, a project of the NC Justice Center. “As the labor force grows with an improving national economy, it is critical that the state’s job growth match the growth in the working-age population and the numbers still looking for work.

Does it even need to be said that this group has a liberal bias?  Ever since the economic data began flowing after the GOP takeover of the state.  Democrats have been trying to explain all the good data away.  We saw this last week at the News & Observer when the editorial board tried to claim that the GOP recovery lacked the wage growth other states have seen.  This, of course, was completely made up as the Triangle Business Journal reported a year ago that wage growth in North Carolina was third nationally behind only Delaware and Connecticut.

When Democrats can’t manipulate the data they try and manipulate the timeline.  If you’ll notice, the liberal group above is not comparing recent results to when the GOP took over. They are comparing data to North Carolina before the recession.  While it is important for North Carolina to fully recover, we can’t forget the mess the state was in when the GOP took over.  Besides double-digit unemployment, the GOP was handed a government almost 3 billion dollars in the hole and rainy day funds absolutely depleted.  Governor McCrory and the legislature were able to not only grow the economy but also save money AND pay off all our debts.

This was an incredible feat and the Democrats know this.  If the GOP was really as bad as these liberal groups pretend why not compare the GOP to its own results?  Instead, the democrats try and move the timeline to make the GOP look worse.  Of course, we all hope one day North Carolina will get itself back to the level we were pre-recession.  However, that is going to take time considering the big hole the democrats put us in.  The idea that the party that dug us into the hole is gonna be the party that digs us out is laughable but, unfortunately, it’s all the democrats got…


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