DOJ Drops Voter ID Challenge

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DOJ Drops Voter ID Challenge

President Donald Trump continues to deliver

President Trump’s Justice Department is ending the government’s opposition to a controversial voter ID law in Texas, according to a group involved in the case. 

After six years of legal wrangling, the Justice Department will no longer argue that Texas intentionally sought to discriminate against minorities when it passed the law that mandates voters show certain forms of identification before casting a ballot.

This will have very little impact on the Voter ID case in North Carolina.  That case has already made it’s way to the SCOTUS.  Even if the DOJ pulled its opposition the lower court ruling would stand.  That is not a verdict the Voter ID crowd wants on the books uncontested.  The fact that Governor Cooper and AG Josh Stein wanted to pull the case means they are concerned they could lose at the highest level.  This is a good sign for the GOP in North Carolina.  Texas might be saved, but North Carolina needs that last ruling t0  save the day.

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