Ben Sasse is a Rock Star

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Ben Sasse is a Rock Star

A lot of times I have difficulty explaining my brand of conservativism in today’s society.  Conservative for the longest time was defined as limited government, period.  However, in the age of Trump & the tea party conservative seems to have mutated slightly.  Now conservative means fighting companies who want to leave this country or immigrants who want to come in.  Conservative now means not only fighting for social security and medicare but working to strengthen them.  Conservative means a lot of things that aren’t necessarily bad but definitely aren’t anywhere close to less government.  This is why I thank the god of conservatism every day for Senator Ben Sasse.

Senator Ben Sasse is not only a typical limited government conservative but he’s also a great representative who can be clear on why he is making the argument currently on the table.  Case in point, today on ABC’s This Week…

If I wouldn’t have felt like such a dork in my own bedroom I would have stood and applauded after this interview this morning.   Senator Sasse famously did not vote for President Donald Trump.  However, like many NeverTrumpers, he is not allowing his previous disagreements to cloud his judgement for future ones.  Sasse clearly outlined the great actions of President Trump this week (Gorsuch, travel ban,) but he also was not afraid to criticise the bad ones (rhetoric, travel ban rollout, and Puntin)

As I have been saying since November 9th, the GOP needs to make sure it sticks to its conservative principles despite the temptations from big government that befell the previous Republican administration.  It’s going to be hard fight, but knowing someone like Senator Sasse is going to be fighting in Washington gives me hope.

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